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Felix Rodriguez

Felix Rodriguez has more thirty years of tech support, process flow, and telecommunications experience in the enterprise, utilities, and applications services providers markets.

He has served in CTO and VP of Technical Development roles, in addition to providing consulting services in the emerging technology markets.


He has been responsible for the design, rollout and implementation of 17 call centers in addition to Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) and Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) systems.

Felix’ experience also includes project and program management along with his process flow expertise. Specifically, he helped establish Network Operation Centers (NOC) and Customer Care Centers as well call and organizational process flows, from initial start up.

Felix has telecommunications experience in the ILEC, CLEC, enterprise market and applications services providers, as well as having served in various roles with New York Telephone, Ohio Bell, and SBC.

His experience also includes a wide variety of enterprise solutions such as Nortel, Siemens, NEC and Cisco.


Felix also brings considerable Operational Support Systems experience to the table, including Billing and Performance tracking, along with Methods and procedures and documentation.

Felix received his BSBAM degree from the University of Redlands and attended the Institute of Economic and Political Studies at Cambridge University, UK.


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