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Sales Support. A telecom management software provider needed responses for its sales force when competitors products were encountered in the field. Additionally, the software provider wanted to better understand its competitors' strengths and weaknesses. Our client planned to exploit the gaps as it enhanced its own products and services.


Strategic Marketing Solutions researched and assessed over 30 competitive software offerings and produced a summary of each. The summaries detailed the offering, its strengths and weaknesses, how our client's application compared, and how our client could successfully sell against the competitive offering.


Our client's sales force increased sales effectiveness and responsiveness. In addition to the easy-to-use sales tools, our client's product group gained useful and specific information to guide enhancements to its product and service offerings.





Product Development. An innovative wireless company wanted to add an advanced 3G wireless data product to its voice product line. Our client needed to understand which types of features, bandwidth and speed requirements were necessary based on current and future competitive offerings.

Strategic Marketing Solutions conducted primary and secondary research and mapped out the competitive offerings and gaps. The research included a review of industry-wide services and trends. Nine market-specific competitive overviews detailing local needs and solutions were also provided.

Our client obtained a comprehensive understanding of current and likely future competitive services on the local and industry-wide levels. This enabled our client to define a compelling new product offering.


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