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New Growth Model. A custom software development firm wanted to grow its business faster and become less dependent on its fee-for-service business model.


Strategic Marketing Solutions developed three growth strategies based on the evaluation of alternate business model scenarios and discussions with the company's founders. We also led the risk/return analysis study and made new business model recommendations.


Our client chose to merge with a firm whose line of business leveraged one of our client company's software products. This application was offered to various other industries and user companies building on the core product's foundation.


Develop New Line of Business. A digital health innovation lab needed information from target audiences and thought leaders to assess the value of standard clinical human impact validation studies for digital health technologies as a potential new service offering, and to decide whether to move forward.

We conducted internal and external interviews, assessed viability and market need. We then developed a range of strategy options to meet the most relevant gaps in digital health technology innovation validation, and assessed best fit with the lab's core competencies and objectives.

Our client decided not to move forward as originally envisioned. Overall strategy and overarching objectives were more clearly defined and used to determine next steps and resourcing for new innovation services that garnered more interest, would fill larger gaps, and have even more meaningful impact.

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