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New Product. A CDMA wireless company sought to expand its current technology from voice-only to wireless data offerings. Internal resources were stretched thin and dedicated to supporting the voice-only product line.


Strategic Marketing Solutions was contracted to develop a detailed wireless data product concept. We also developed current-year and subsequent years product visions. Three product offerings were defined, with recommended pricing for each. Target markets were identified and defined. The resulting product packages included early adopter and mass market offerings. Strategic Marketing Solutions used its expertise in research and analysis of industry trends, competitive assessments, and market-specific requirements to generate these product offerings.


Our client received internal approval to move forward on the product concept. Our client then used the more detailed product definition for focus group testing to validate and hone features, pricing and speed requirements. It then developed a technology trial plan.




Customized Product Line. An Integrated Communications Provider's (ICP) planned community client wanted a customized communications offering for its residents and business tenants. The ICP's client wanted to take full advantage of the broadband network enabled by the fiber optic cable throughout the community. The ICP wanted the product package to be so compelling that it would minimize competitive threats and encroachments by other providers.

Strategic Marketing Solutions defined a full spectrum of product and service offerings. The packages included voice, data and video services for land-line and wireless services, with price points for each.

The ICP and planned community client embraced the product and pricing offerings. The planned community management felt the communications offerings would help them successfully attract businesses and the high-end resident tenants they were targeting.




Product Pipeline. Our Client has a genomic-based diagnostic test for cancer awaiting FDA approval, and wished to leverage their technology and identify what new products they should prioritize developing next.

Strategic Marketing Solutions conducted one-on-one telephone interviews with oncology and pathology thought leaders and key opinion leaders to identify unmet needs with commercial viability.

Our client has viable new applications they are allocating resources to pursue. We identified and clearly articulated 20 application concepts, with a short list of 7 high priority applications to develop first.

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