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Understanding the Power of Retention Marketing

Check out this interview with Deb Siegle! In this episode Lisa Orrell of M7 and Deb discuss the ins & outs of Retention Marketing. Deb specializes in effective customer loyalty and lasting customer experiences.

In this episode you'll learn:

  1. What is retention marketing.
  2. What would a company facing significant customer loss do first? How do they retain more of their customers?
  3. What components or activities does a successful retention strategy include?
  4. Drill down more on some specific retention marketing actions and implementation methods or tools companies can use to increase retention.
  5. What’s changed? What do we need to do today on retention? What’s different than it used to be?


How to Build Customer Loyalty

Deb and Lisa Orrell (of M7) discuss marketing strategies for Building Customer Loyalty. Deb specializes in effective marketing and customer loyalty. She translates what prospects and customers say into actions you can take to gain new and keep existing customers.

In this episode you'll learn:

  1. What really is customer loyalty?
  2. Why should any executive invest a company’s time, focus, or dollars on loyalty building efforts?
  3. Isn’t customer loyalty just a natural result of customer satisfaction?
  4. How do companies uncover their customers’ loyalty drivers?
  5. How does a company or marketing executive assess if what they’re doing is creating loyalty?
  6. What are some of the most important things companies can do to create loyal customers?


Customer Voice: How & What to Look & Listen for ...

Are you hearing all your customers and prospects are aying, especially about how they perceive you, your products and your brand?

Is what you are saying resonating with your target market?

This teleseminar will help you learn how to hear more fully what your customers and prospects are saying so you can turn the information into actions that matter. You'll learn:

1. Why this topic is important to executives.

2. How to listen more effectively.

3. What to listen for.


The Market & Customer Voice: How Research Can Reveal New Insights into Your Customers, Your Product, & Your Brand

Lisa Orrell and Deb Siegle discuss how the appropriate research can reveal new marketing and strategic insights into your customers, products and brand!

In this episode you'll learn:

1. Why this topic is important to executives. And what would execs most want to know from the marketplace or their customers.

2. What some of the methods execs can use to uncover these insights from the marketplace.

3. How companies can do this effectively.

4. Tips for execs on how best to listen & translate, so that they get the most actionable results.


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