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"I value many things about Deb Siegle and Strategic Marketing Solutions. What quickly comes to mind are three things:
1 - You bring a coherent message to whoever the audience is.
2 - You focus on the real issue(s).
3 - You bring the right kind of excitement to the marketplace."

- Rajiv Jaluria , CEO, Sensitron 

"Deb gets to the heart of the matter very quickly. She uses wisdom and her experience to cut through the clutter and figure out what is important. She doesn't waste time or come in with a prefabricated formula or set of solutions. She gathers the facts and puts the focus on the key and critical pieces, and then helps to get actions underway so we end up with results that make a difference."

- Peter Geddis, CEO, XIPTEL

"I usually wonder when I hire a consultant if they are worth it -- Deb always is. Excellent results are a given. What sets her apart is the fact that she can get to the heart of a matter and understand issues so quickly. I resent babysitting or training consultants - I never feel this way with Strategic Marketing Solutions."

- Carol Krane, President, Patootie

"Your work helped us gain greater clarity into how / why companies choose (or don't choose) Antenna and our mobile app development platform. It gave us insights into the drivers of choice so that we could craft the ideal solution set and whole product requirements. The research also gave us timely feedback on the new AMPchroma prior to launch so we could fine-tune the high level positioning, packaging & pricing model."

- Jim Somers, Chief Marketing & Strategy Officer, ANTENNA

"I am very pleased personally and professionally to have worked with you and your firm. I think your expertise and professional way of doing business would be a benefit to any other company doing a similar project."

- Herb Seidell, Data Center Manager, EBMUD

"… you have been the only person that garnered respect from us in causing the needle to move. You brought reason, energy and intellect to an awfully unfocused group of engineers."

- Gary Saner, President, Primero Systems

"Thanks for the energy, intelligence and dedication you brought to this effort. You are simply the best."

- HP

"People “get it” now that they use our positioning communication. Your project made a big difference. Thank you."

- Dave Goulden, VP Marketing, Claria

"Every time I call you, I know everything is going to work out. You quickly tune in to the priorities, get the info and offer options. You make my top priorities, your top priorities.

The kind of customer service and support you provide is ideal—and just doesn’t seem to exist out there anymore. You make it happen!"

- Cheryl Edison , President, Edison International

"Ms. Siegle is the consummate professional. Her attention to detail and analytical capabilities were key in collecting and representing data that enhanced the success of our project. She is an excellent resource and I would enlist Strategic Marketing Solutions' services again."

- Sharon LaMantia, Vice President, PaeTec Communications, Inc.

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